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Welcome to the Club!

We’re a group of local Rotarians from Salmon Arm and the surrounding areas that the community and want to give back. Sound interesting?

Wait, who are you?

Salmon Arm Daybreak Rotary Club is one of three rotary clubs working in Salmon Arm to make our town – and the community that makes it home – a better place. We’re the people behind the scenes, the helpers, the volunteers, the workers, the people who love our town and want to give back.

What does a Rotarian Do?

We Volunteer! Our club has been helping the community for over 25 years. We try to be a “hands on” club, we are after all people of action! We do that by building infrastructure projects around the community, such as the splash park, downtown improvement projects, flower gardens and lots of other wonderful projects! We also help the town by helping other organizations with their efforts and projects. We do so by providing both labor and funds to organizations such as the Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet, the Coldest Night of the Year, and of course the Salmon Arm Rotary Food drive amongst many other projects. If you want to see what else we do, check out our page on it!

We Volunteer

We do our best around the community to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever we’re needed! Some things you may have heard of:

  • We organize and run the annual Tri-Club Rotary Food Drive
  • We help out every year at the Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet
  • We pull weeds for the Shuswap Food Action Society’s Community Garden

We Fundraise

Rotarians tend to be good at fundraising! We try our best to raise money and then spend it on things such as:

  • Our own local projects like the Splash Park and Light the Lake
  • Other local non-profit organizations that need help raising funds.
  • Rotary International projects around the world.

We Socialize

Volunteering is giving back, but it’s also a way to build your community. We’re a social bunch and love to

  • Meet weekly for breakfast, chats and presentations
  • Evening Socials
  • Seasonal parties and social events (Christmas is always around the corner!)

If you have the love of your fellow men in your hearts, my friends, you are a potential Rotarian.

Photo of Paul Harris, founder of Rotary

Paul Harris

Rotary Founder

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