Experience the noise, the excitement, the smells, the food, the music. 20th Annual Lobsterfest.

May 25, 2024.

A picture of a lobster

Live Music? Live Music!

You know what’s better than a DJ dance party? A live band rocking it out, and the floor thumping with 200 people on the dance floor. After a decade of DJs, Rotary Lobsterfest is going analog and bringing back the band!

We were lucky enough to book the Shawn Lightfoot Band for this year’s event and it’s sure to rock. Anyone who’s seen them can confirm – they know how to get a party moving!

Want to donate?

  • This is our single biggest event, and how we raise the funds to do the good things in our community we do.
  • Your donation gets your business name in front of 1000s of people (we advertise the heck out of this!)
  • Your donation goes straight to Rotary, and that helps everyone.